Security in the Age of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, which includes any object or computing device that connects to the internet, is growing fast and providing unique security challenges for businesses. In fact, it’s reported that 43 percent of businesses use IoT, with the number of connected devices...
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software as a service

Do I Need an MSP if I Use SaaS?

Software is a critical part of business operations, with recent adoption rates sharply increasing. In fact, the global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is projected to grow to $67 billion in 2018, with cloud applications forecasted to account for 90 percent of worldwide mobile...
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hybrid cloud

Cloud-Based Backup Saves Time and Money When Disaster Strikes

When fire breaks out, flooding occurs or another natural disaster strikes, SMBs enter crisis mode. They immediately deploy their business continuity plan to keep business operations running smoothly. A great plan not only helps you get through the current disaster but also...
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managed it services

Managed IT Services Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses face many challenges — among these: maximizing each and every dollar that they spend. Small businesses must keep customers happy while ensuring that employees are maximizing resources and efficiency. Some small businesses think that managed service providers...
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