InfoManage provides an extensive planning system for each of your projects that we will manage with the support of you and your company. We accommodate all business infrastructures and technological ecosystems, personalizing your support while making sure to acknowledge all aspects of your technology.

Project Management for Buildouts

  • Coordinate all IT related activities with relevant parties, including but not limited to the architects, building management, designers, electricians, furniture vendors, general contractors, HVAC, internet service providers (ISPs), cabling and security vendors, and your company’s personnel, to ensure successful delivery of IT services
  • Coordinate installation, configuration, cabling, and any other activities surrounding installation of ISP circuits
  • Coordinate design, configuration, and installation for on-premises cabling 
  • Coordinate design, configuration, and implementation of audio visual (AV), network infrastructure (firewall, switches, and access points) and security components
  • Coordinate equipment sourcing
  • Coordinate all purchased IT equipment and services with vendor(s)
  • Coordinate equipment mounting and installation of AV (sound masking, TVs, video conferencing), IT Room, network, and security components
  • Coordinate design and implementation for all facets in the Data Center / IT Room
  • Prepare project plan

Premise Cabling and Related Activities

  • Coordinate with cable vendor to prepare quote for on-premises cabling as outlined in draft floor plan
  • Station cable runs:

– Workstations

– Conference room audio visual (AV)

– Conference room tables

– Wireless access points

– Phones

  • For prebuilt wired spaces, test cables end to end
  • Mount equipment

– WAPs

– Patch panels

– Network rack

– TVs

Equipment Disconnect and Reconnect


  • Inventory all floor equipment
  • Meet and coordinate with movers to define roles and identify procedures
  • Identify layout plan for the new location

Move Day

  • Note: some of the events below will depend on mover and company procedures
  • Disconnect at old location

– All computers should already be shut down

– Photograph each location; match to the pre-move inventory

– Disconnect and bag all equipment cables and peripheral devices (e.g., mouse, keyboard), label the containers

– Label equipment

  • Reconnect at new location

– Check equipment against inventory

– Locate equipment according to plan

– Unbag equipment cables and peripheral devices and connect the power, network, and peripherals as necessary

– Power up to verify network connectivity if requested

Firewall/Network Switch Replacement


  • First line of defense against network infiltration
  • Evaluate the existing infrastructure to determine appropriate design for new space for:

– Firewall

– Switches

– Access Points


  • Configure new unit(s)
  • These units are designed to block unauthorized access to your network while permitting outward communication
  • They are network security devices that monitor and filter incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization’s previously established security policies, or a barrier that sits between a private internal network and the public Internet
  • Configure firewalls for advanced security services
  • Install and configure network switches, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Implement wireless infrastructure
  • Test infrastructure
  • Physical implementation and installation
  • Set up for monitoring (network monitoring and management package)
  • Complete documentation